Liturgical Ministers

Attention Liturgical Ministers: Time-off requests for the next schedules, which cover Saturday, August 3rd-Sunday, October 27th are due in writing or by replying to this e-mail by Sunday, July 21st. Please take a minute to look over your calendar for the next few months and let me know when you'll be unavailable so I don't schedule you on those dates.


MINISTRY SCHEDULES (May 4-July 28, 2019) Please click on the link below for the schedule you'd like to view.

July 20-21
Liturgical Ministers

5 p.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Michelle Shields
Lector 2:
Mark Maturi

Altar Servers: Alana Benson,
                                    Tessa Trudeau

Book Bearer: Jack White

EOMs: K Dumdie, R Dunn, J Earll, HC Evans, JT Polkinghorn

Greeters: Kuhle & Pederson

Gift Bearers: Brad & Karen                                                     Dumdie

Ushers: Mark & Aiden Asche,
Aaron Cooper, Randy Kuhle

Sacristan: Francis Boehmer

Sell GC: Brooke Nichols

Rosary: Greg & Sandra Meyers

Wknd Mass Recpt: Karen Voss

8:30 a.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Tracy Sorenson
Lector 2: Chris Buller

Altar Servers: Will Sorenson,
Tige Dinges

Book Bearer: Alayna Harvill

EOMs: M Dobberpuhl, C Hodges,
R Fitzpatrick, M Harvill,
S Lammers, CR Lauret

Greeters: Buller & Koch

Gift Bearers: V & S Siemonsma

Mike & Donna Edwards,
Dale Dobberpuhl, Myron Linneman

Sacristan: Marcia Dobberpuhl

Sell GC: LaVonne Linneman

Rosary: Barb Poe

Coffee/Rolls: V & S Siemonsma

Bakers: MA Cross, D Curley,
                    J Dangel, HELP

Wknd Mass Recpt: Sandy Oliver


10:30 a.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Angie Lynch
Lector 2:
Sydney Lynch

Altar Servers: Dylan Majeres,
                                    Gabriel Eager

Book Bearer: Shelby Olson

EOMs: DT Dorn, J Feterl,
M Majeres, S Olson, T Wright,
V Yttreness

Greeters: BA Feterl & KJ Feterl

Gift Bearers: Wade & Stacy

Ushers: Dave Bechtel, Eric Majeres
         Tim Burnison, Diane Nekvinda

Sacristan: Rich Wuebben

Sell GC: Megan Eager

Coffee/Rolls: ASRE Lynch

Bakers: B Asche, M Bach,
                    D Delaney, K Dumdie

CLOW: Laura/George & Hattie Jo