Liturgical Ministers

Attention Liturgical Ministers: Time-off requests for the next schedule (August 5th-October 29th) are due in writing to Jennifer by Sunday, July 23rd. The new schedules will be sent to you via e-mail on Friday, July 28th.


MINISTRY SCHEDULES (May 6-July 30, 2017) Please click on the link below for the schedule you'd like to view.

July 22-23 Liturgical Ministers

5 p.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Caroline Moriarty
Lector 2: Collin Moriarty

Altar Servers: Evelyn & Emily                                                     Nielsen 

Book Bearer: Grace Nielsen

EOMs: T Frederick, GR Lamberty,
S Lammers, C Nielsen, J Earll,
J VanDenHemel

Greeters: Dunn & Earll

Gift Bearers: Jason & Dawn                                                       Horst

Ushers: Matt & Mason Bierema,
                    Ken Dunn, Ron Dunn

Sacristan: Joan VanDenHemel

SFCS Cert.: Dawn Horst

Rosary: Susie Lammers

Wknd Mass Recpt: Carol                                                                                Deering

8:30 a.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Tracy Sorenson
Lector 2: Mark Maturi

Altar Servers: Josh & Caleb Stork 

Book Bearer:

EOMs: L Fleck, RD Page, C Schulte
                 RA Peters, J VanZee

Greeters: Poe, Sunderland, Walter

Gift Bearers: C & A Filsinger

Ushers: PL Bunkers, ME Volk

Sacristan: Denise Hertz

SFCS Cert.: Randy Page

Rosary: Donna Page

Coffee/Rolls: Troy & Tara Mebius

Bakers: B Girouard, K Marcell,
A McLellan, D Hodges

Wknd Mass Recpt: Darla                                                                             Deslauriers


10:30 a.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Meghan Glover
Lector 2: Tim Dickes

Altar Servers: Shelby Olson,
                                    Maddie Devericks

Book Bearer: Carson Devericks

EOMs: S Charron, D Dorn, L Geister D Dubbelde, M Nielson, DD Wolf

Greeters: Anderson & Nielson

Gift Bearers: W & S Charron

Ushers: Corey Blauwet, Randy West, Dave & Jessica Kading

Sacristan: Jan Feterl

SFCS Cert.: Sonja Olson

Coffee/Rolls: Curt & Sonja Olson

Bakers: C Meek, B Miller,
C Miller, S Olson

CLOW: Nicole/Sydney & Alix