Liturgical Ministers

This weekend at all Masses, we committed (and recommitted) to various ministries in our parish. There are many ways to serve, whether you're someone who's comfortable in front of a crowd or someone who prefers to serve "behind the scenes." Please take a moment to look over the volunteer cards and ministry description sheets and prayerfully consider where you might offer your time and talents to our parish community. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks-Jennifer

                                                                                                    MINISTRY DESCRIPTIONS


MINISTRY SCHEDULES (Aug. 3-Oct. 27, 2019) Please click on the link below for the schedule you'd like to view.

September 21-22
Liturgical Ministers

5 p.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Lindsay Erickson
Lector 2: Mark Maturi

Altar Servers: Dawson Horst,
                                    Klaire Oehlke

Book Bearer: Nick Pellicotte

EOMs: T Deering, HCM Evans,
JT Polkinghorn, L Zebroski

Greeters: Kuhle & Oehlke

Gift Bearers: Curt & Shelly                                                         Ziebell

Ushers: Aaron Cooper, Ron Dunn, Denise Delaney, Randy Kuhle

Sacristan: Mick Rierson

BOCS GC: Jill Pellicotte

Rosary: HELP

Wknd Mass Recpt: Karen Voss

8:30 a.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Kathy Anderson
Lector 2: Jackie Henriksen

Altar Servers: Logan Mebius,
                                    Tyler Henriksen

Book Bearer: Kyle Konechne

EOMs: R Briscoe, JD Elsinger, RD Page, T Northrup, J Zumhofe

Greeters: Bullis & Iwen

Gift Bearers: Jim & Grace Weeg

Ushers: Kevin & Pat Ordalen,
                    Rich & Preston Konechne

Sacristan: Mary Bills

BOCS GC: Tara Mebius

Rosary: Donna Page

Coffee/Rolls: Youth Pancake                                                         Breakfast

Bakers: Youth Pancake Breakfast

Wknd Mass Recpt: Sandy Oliver

CLOW: Shane/Savanna & Sydnee

10:30 a.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Larry Klipfel
Lector 2: Mike Bruske

Altar Servers: Natalie & Tyler                                                             Bruske

Book Bearer: David Grabow

EOMs: C Anderson, S Charron,
DT Dorn, DD Wolf, V Yttreness

Greeters: Meylor & Mieras

Gift Bearers: Bob & Sandra Meylor

Ushers: Monty Miller, Alex Riedel,
Chris Goetzinger, Diane Nekvinda

Sacristan: Carol Anderson

BOCS GC: Stacey Meyer

Coffee/Rolls: Youth Pancake                                                     Breakfast

Bakers: Youth Pancake Breakfast

CLOW: Susie/Meghan & Makayla