Liturgical Ministers

Attention Liturgical Ministers: Time-off requests for the next schedule which covers Sat., August 4-Sun., October 28, 2018, are due IN WRITING or VIA E-MAIL to Jennifer by Sunday, July 22nd.


MINISTRY SCHEDULES (May 5-July 29, 2018) Please click on the link below for the schedule you'd like to view.

July 21-22 Liturgical Ministers

5 p.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Henry Evans
Lector 2: Candace Evans

Altar Servers: Janae & Angel                                                   Mitchell

Book Bearer: Maria Evans

EOMs: T Deering, R Dunn, 
R Lingberg, J Mitchell, G Paulin, M Shields

Greeters: Earll & Robison

Gift Bearers: Larry & Jackie                                                     Kasten

Ushers: Nancy Bohr, Peter Moriarty, Brad & Carson Kruggel

Sacristan: Tom Deering

SFCS Cert.: Dawn Horst

Rosary: Greg & Sandra Meyers

Wknd Mass Recpt: Karen Voss

8:30 a.m. Mass 

Lector 1:
Caden East
Lector 2: Nancy East

Altar Servers: Cody East, 
                                    Nick Bunkers

Book Bearer: Kyle Konechne

EOMs: R Fitzpatrick, J Zumhofe, 
N Kapperman, K Kautz, LE Volk

Greeters: Greco & McIntyre

Gift Bearers: Matt & Jody Stork

Ushers: Paul & Luke Bunkers,
                    Rich & Preston Konechne

Sacristan: Lisa Volk

SFCS Cert.: Jenny Konechne

Rosary: Regina Cobb

Coffee/Rolls: J Sunderland/B Poe

Bakers: J Konechne, C Pischke,
                    J Quail, C Rowe

Wknd Mass Recpt: Lori Bunkers

CLOW: Tracy/Rebecca & Alayna

10:30 a.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Seth Loofbourrow
Lector 2: Nan Loofbourrow

Altar Servers: Chloe Grabow,
                                    Randi Gerlach

Book Bearer: David Grabow

EOMs: C Valland, DT Dorn,
K Dumdie, CH Olson, V Yttreness

Greeters: Ollerich & Reed

Gift Bearers: Eric & Michelle                                                      Majeres

Ushers: Kelby & John Mieras,
                    Morgan & Bailey Roman

Sacristan: Sonja Olson

SFCS Cert.: Jodi Schwebach

Coffee/Rolls: Al & Val Lonneman

Bakers: A Grabow, S Olson,
                    Sh Olson, J Reed